Tyler Bennett is the main protagonist of Lunar Falls. He is the son of Mr. Bennett and Ms. Bennett and the older brother to Elle Bennett. He is leader of the Treehouse Squad, a nerd group he created with Jose Perez, Benjamin Campbell, and Christopher Weldon. 

He was the first to realize that there was something wrong happening within Lunar Falls after the pets of his neighbors begin disappearing. He leads his group of friends to search for the missing pets, only to uncover much more.


Tyler is a tall (5"7), lean boy with dark skin and curly dark brown hair. His usual outfit includes a sky blue and salmon pink windbreaker, blue jeans, and red high top sneakers. He is often seen carrying his red bookbag around.


Tyler is a born leader and courgaeous. Very intelligent, he has built many contraptions that often get him into trouble with the authorities and neighbors. He is often criticized for using his intelligence to do the wrongs things. If his time isn't spent with his friends or family, he is found researching and studying.

He is very open when meeting new people, willing to give anyone a chance but is known to be a bit too trusting. He is also oblivious when it comes to danger, finding it so much that he cannot even recognize it. His adventurous personality causes him to find danger more often than not, biting more than he can chew. 

He also has a bad habit of trying to do things indendpently all the time and pushes himself way too far, refusing help from those who want to help him. He finds himself in situations that he's trying to solve by himself and he ends up frustrated and self conscious, believing that he needs to work harder.

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